An addicts phase

My friend Anne Marie has been writing and showing me her poems for months now. I sat down and wrote this out and she’s encouraged me to share it, so here goes… Tattered wings peeking out Strong shoulders hunched in Knees pulled up Head low down wondering No space, no way past an addicts phase … Continue reading

Silly little details

It came as a shock when I met with two friends and our children at the soft play last weekend. I haven’t physically been near him for a year. I couldn’t believe it when she told me her youngest is now one. These two friends are our mutual friends and we had been meaning to … Continue reading

He smelled wrong

He was recovering on his days with me, he was always on a come down and my house was his place to come to be looked after. So I got all the anger and pain he was going through while coming down and then the anger and frustration as he searched for his next high. … Continue reading

Guest post: B is for Bully.

B is for Bully was written and added to our Experiences of Bullying blog hop by @Aspergersnurse. The original post can be found on her blog Tea & Toast. Today  I wrote a post about A celebrity re-tweeting “bill” [name changed] which resulted in his fan base sending disgusting homophobic and general abuse to bill … Continue reading

Empty words

I am happy within myself, with where I am in my life with my daughter, the changes to come soon with the new addition to our family, with work. So why have I just wiped a tear away from running down my cheek? I hit play on the youtube video and half way through realised … Continue reading