Piecing the clues together

Rapunzel came running out of nursery today telling me that they were singing a song about a hairy haggis with 5 eyes and 5 legs. I replied with a cheery, “Oh did you?” while wrapping her up in her scarf and buttoning her in to her jacket. As we were walking down the street she … Continue reading

Tré La Creativity, how to get involved

Here are a few ways that you could get involved with our social enterprise: Columnist If you enjoy writing you could become part of the team as a columnist. Your name and a link to your blog or business would be included in each article and you would have a discount on each month’s showcase … Continue reading

Its the little things

I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to make a person happy simply by having their favourite jammies washed and dried for them to wear. We were at Grandma and Granda’s house and Rapunzel was refusing to put her jumper on as it meant covering up her new tshirt. I could see a … Continue reading

An evil twin

So many threats, awful names, violent movements around me. It was like he had an evil twin that came out, his eyes black and hard. Always forgotten when he turned back to the man that loved me. He used words to make it all better and when he felt me slipping out of his grasp … Continue reading

Social enterprise ideas and plans

Creativity is everywhere though I have come across many people saying to me, “Oh I wish I could do that,” or, “I’m not creative,” then a while later read their thought provoking blog or watch them paint their nails with amazing patterns. To be creative doesn’t have to mean that you are a published writer … Continue reading