Blog hops and memes

Have you written a post about bullying? Whether it is your child’s, your own or the story of being a parent to a bullied child I would like to share your experiences here. Hosted by me @MyRustyHalos on this blog.

Boo and Me

Each Monday, you pick a song. Some weeks it can be anything that you feel like, other weeks I might get around to setting a theme. You can write about the song if you want to, tell us why you have chosen it or why it means something to you, or you can just post the link to the video. Hosted by @wantmymummy on her blog ‘I want my mummy’


Have you had a bad day? Or a bad week? Are you suffering from a bad case of the terrible twos, housework hell, or teenage tantrums. It doesn’t have to be a parenting dilemma – you could be struggling with work life balance or a partner who wont do what they’re told. Whatever the problem, come and link up your bad day blog post. Hosted by @1978rebecca on her blog ‘Here come the girls’

Writing about your personal experiences of mental health is not only empowering and therapeutic for you but also an invaluable source of inspiration and support for those reading.To show our support of Ruby Wax’s recently launched mental health social network Black Dog Tribe, Love Mental Health is inviting bloggers to link up every single mental health post they have written. Hosted by the ‘Love All Blogs’ network


“If you only ever read one book in your life…I highly recommend you keep your mouth shut” – Simon Munnery
The premise is simple – share the three books you love most from your time as a child, adult and parent. Hosted by @amummytoo on her blog A Mummy Too

Actually Mummy

Last week Mummy decided to write my birth story. And she asked you to write yours too. If you have one already, please link up using the Linky tool at the end of the post. I will tweet every new link-up. If you haven’t written yours yet, but would like to, you can link up any time you like. We are open to new links for a year! Hosted by @ActuallyMummy on her blog Actually Mummy


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