The blogging world

I started this blog around the time that I found out I was pregnant with my second child. At the time I was really ill and had just moved in to a women’s refuge. I needed something to keep my mind busy, something creative to do that didn’t take up any energy or need any … Continue reading

A future midwife?

“Mummy what is a midwife?” Rapunzel is stood in front of me with her red doctor’s kit. She has just attached, “the puffy thing,” to my wrist to check my blood pressure. “A midwife is a lady that checks if mummy and baby are ok.” I reply “You’re so good,” she tells me while taking, … Continue reading

Where do we go from here?

The end of 2011 was taken up with surviving. Getting by one day at a time dealing with the pain of a break up, awful sickness, the nursery run, finding a new house and moving in to it. My thoughts have now turned to the question, “Where do we go from here?” While getting away … Continue reading

Shopping with my hormones

…has lead me to realise that something really needs to be done about maternity clothes on the High Street. We went out for our last day of Christmas shopping yesterday. I had a few pressies still to buy for my family and had to find some clothes that fit. I had spent the night with … Continue reading

What a week

I sat with my daughter cuddled in to my lap promising her we would have our own house soon. No more travelling back and forth between my parents’ house and the refuge, no more chaos as new women and children moved in and out. Soon after I found a house, “the” house. I put in … Continue reading