Ahar m’hearties


The Little’un came through at 6.50am. We have had a few days off nursery as I’ve not felt up to the nursery run. She always gets up early on the days that we are not going anywhere. The days we’ve to be up and out the door early she will still be curled up in bed while I’ve had my coffee, breakfast, showered and dressed! It really is a classic case of Sod’s Law.

So, she comes through and tells me that we’re pirates today. I’ve always loved pirates and was quite happy with the idea of playing pirates. My mind started going through all the activities covering the subject.

I am now sat on the couch in the evening totally exhausted! I think I slightly overdid it with the pirate activities. Up until today there was a part of me worried that my imagination, the fun playful part of me had disappeared. The creative side of me was seriously stamped on by the exs. They never gave me peace when I was getting creative, they didn’t like my attention being focused on something else. Today showed me that I am still me and that their stompy footmarks are slowly lifting off my shoulders.

Here’s what we got up to today, just in case you’d like to find that imaginative child inside you and have a pirate day.

We found colouring sheets and pictures online and printed them off. The Little’un’s favourite colouring in sheet was a parrot and we had some feathers in the cupboard to stick on. We made a skull and cross bones flag and taped it on to her bed ship. We drew a map with a big, “X marks the spot,” on it and made treasure cookies. I made up a few clues for her with the printed pictures to find around the house leading to the finished cookies which we then ate on her bed on top of a make shift table made out of her bricks box lid. We sang pirate songs and swam through the hall for bathtime where the Little’un turned in to a mermaid and swam in the lagoon.

Today was such a fun day. I think all adults should try being a pirate for a day, just to remind you that the imaginative creative bit is still there inside, even if it has been trampled down a bit by the daily stress and goings on of being an adult.

Oh and here’s a little snippet of Captain Jack Sparrow. We can’t have a whole post about pirates without him in it somewhere!!

5 Responses to “Ahar m’hearties”
  1. Clara says:

    What a LOVELY post! You have clearly lost none of your creative magic, nor allowed anyone to take it from you. The two of you had one of those precious, special days that is the REAL treasure in the treasure chest!

  2. You are so good! I was always rubbish at role play – she is very lucky!

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