Perfectionist at four

At school I would rub at the paper on my desk until a hole appeared. Each letter, every word had to be neat. My work had to be perfect. I would sit re-drawing a line in a picture until it was just right. One of my dads many nicknames for me is Ms Fuss as … Continue reading

Escaping in to a story

You will often find my nose buried in a book. First thing in the morning while eating breakfast a story’s words help stop the frantic list making that my own words are trying to put together. While travelling it fills in the time until we get there. In the bath it helps my mind drift … Continue reading

It’s my birthday and i’ll cry if I want to

The hormones have made me in to an emotional time bomb though todays tears are happy tears. I have my amazing family around me and received some really special pressies. My 4 year old Rapunzel has done so well keeping them secret even telling an excited Grandma off for nearly spilling before the day. The … Continue reading

Is the pregnancy ‘bloom’ a myth?

Each day I speak with my mam and she asks me “are you blooming yet?” My usual response of  “no I’m not bloomin blooming” really isn’t what she’s looking for. At the moment I am 15 weeks pregnant and the sickness has eased though I am still getting waves of feeling quite awful. I am … Continue reading

Odd socks

This week we escaped to my mum and dads one bedroomed overflowing house. After struggling through the nursery run for days with an active 3 year old, sickness, nausea, dizziness and exhaustion I was an emotional wreck and really needed my mammy and daddy! I packed some clothes and toys and off we went. Though … Continue reading