Guest post: B is for Bully.

B is for Bully was written and added to our Experiences of Bullying blog hop by @Aspergersnurse. The original post can be found on her blog Tea & Toast. Today  I wrote a post about A celebrity re-tweeting “bill” [name changed] which resulted in his fan base sending disgusting homophobic and general abuse to bill … Continue reading

Experiences of Bullying blog hop

Have you written a post about bullying? Whether it is your child’s, your own or the story of being a parent to a bullied child I would like to share your experiences here. I was bullied as a child and I believe that the stress I went through is what led to the ill health … Continue reading

Beat bullying

Beatbullying is a charity that aims to help young people struggling with bullying. Among other projects they provide training to groups ranging from 5 – 25 years old giving them the opportunity to support each other through peer to peer mentoring. Professional counsellors are also available for any cases that become serious. I would really … Continue reading

Where do we go from here?

The end of 2011 was taken up with surviving. Getting by one day at a time dealing with the pain of a break up, awful sickness, the nursery run, finding a new house and moving in to it. My thoughts have now turned to the question, “Where do we go from here?” While getting away … Continue reading