Silly little details

It came as a shock when I met with two friends and our children at the soft play last weekend. I haven’t physically been near him for a year. I couldn’t believe it when she told me her youngest is now one. These two friends are our mutual friends and we had been meaning to … Continue reading

The blogging world

I started this blog around the time that I found out I was pregnant with my second child. At the time I was really ill and had just moved in to a women’s refuge. I needed something to keep my mind busy, something creative to do that didn’t take up any energy or need any … Continue reading

My difficult dozen

I feel like a teenager curled up on the couch with a teen mag quiz! I have been tagged in a few memes and answering all these questions is really taking me back to those days! The Rules are…. 1) You must post the rules 2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog … Continue reading

Guest post: B is for Bully.

B is for Bully was written and added to our Experiences of Bullying blog hop by @Aspergersnurse. The original post can be found on her blog Tea & Toast. Today  I wrote a post about A celebrity re-tweeting “bill” [name changed] which resulted in his fan base sending disgusting homophobic and general abuse to bill … Continue reading

Cackling over a keyboard

We have been without internet since we moved in to the refuge. It has felt like the internet had been ripped away from me leaving this ragged scar that had half healed with the limited use of mobile internet and a dodgy dongle. While at the refuge we watched films on the laptop. Due to … Continue reading