The blogging world

I started this blog around the time that I found out I was pregnant with my second child. At the time I was really ill and had just moved in to a women’s refuge. I needed something to keep my mind busy, something creative to do that didn’t take up any energy or need any materials. So I turned to writing on my phone’s wordpress app. I made up a plan in my head covering what I wanted to write about.

While I was in the abusive relationship I had come across a few blog posts that really helped me see what I was going through and how serious it actually was. I wish I could find those posts again, to say thank you to the women who wrote them. I decided to share my experiences of abuse through my blog, hoping that they may help even just one other women that was in my situation.

I came across the Netmums blog network and loved the idea of sharing a little of my life as a mummy and talking about my Little’un. With time, when I had come around to the idea of being pregnant with the Wee Chameleon I thought it would also be nice to write about being pregnant.

Then I came across the bullying charity and another subject was added.

So far I have written a little about each of these subjects and love how my blog is a little part of me out there for others to share. One thing I have noticed recently is that I’m 36 weeks pregnant and haven’t written a weekly pregnancy update like I had planned at the beginning. The reason? Me and pregnancy just don’t get on well.

I feel awful, look awful most of the time and really do not enjoy any of it. Don’t get me wrong I would never give up what I have now, I am totally in love with my Wee Chameleon and would protect her from any harm to come near her though the day that she comes out I will be so happy to get my body back!

I have been pretty busy recently with all my plans for my social enterprise Tre La Creativity and have struggled with networking as my computer’s keyboard is broken which makes commenting on others’ blogs a total pain. I’m hoping to get a new laptop or iPad soon so that I can interact with other blogs better. There are so many inspirational writers out there and I’m so glad to have been pulled in to the blogging world!

2 Responses to “The blogging world”
  1. I think you have been really creative and busy during your pregnancy. Your ‘wee chameleon’ will have benefitted from that.

    The blogging world is a great place to be.

    Good luck and best wishes,
    Lesley x.

    • myrustyhalos says:

      Thank you Lesley, I’m not very good at sitting doing nothing and blogging gave me something to work on those first months and now I don’t know what I’d do without it and the friends that I’ve made through having it xx

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