An addicts phase

My friend Anne Marie has been writing and showing me her poems for months now. I sat down and wrote this out and she’s encouraged me to share it, so here goes… Tattered wings peeking out Strong shoulders hunched in Knees pulled up Head low down wondering No space, no way past an addicts phase … Continue reading

Experiences of Bullying blog hop

Have you written a post about bullying? Whether it is your child’s, your own or the story of being a parent to a bullied child I would like to share your experiences here. I was bullied as a child and I believe that the stress I went through is what led to the ill health … Continue reading

An evil twin

So many threats, awful names, violent movements around me. It was like he had an evil twin that came out, his eyes black and hard. Always forgotten when he turned back to the man that loved me. He used words to make it all better and when he felt me slipping out of his grasp … Continue reading

We lost our castle

I worked hard on finding and securing a house for myself and my daughter. It should have been our safe castle to return to after facing the world each day. I let a man into our lives. I let him stay a night which turned in to another and another until he told me that … Continue reading

I lost ‘me’

I had such high expectations, my whole life plan in place, dreams of a future so perfect. The trouble was that the man in my dreams, my first love, was very controlling. He was suddenly all I had in my life. He was a very subtle mover, I’m not even sure he meant to do … Continue reading