We lost our castle

I worked hard on finding and securing a house for myself and my daughter. It should have been our safe castle to return to after facing the world each day. I let a man into our lives. I let him stay a night which turned in to another and another until he told me that … Continue reading

Sitting on the dock of the bay

… watching the tide roll away I used to sit at the harbour mesmerised by the sea. What ever mood I arrived there in would be overcome by an excited feeling as I watched the waves woosh over each other. I would walk away knowing deep inside that whatever life threw at me I would … Continue reading

A satisfied pregnant lady

Leaning back, relaxed, on the couch, bump sticking out while sipping on a curly pink straw which is dipped in my coffee cup of nesquick milk. A satisfied pregnant lady after a long day at our local craft fair. Myself, my mum and dad make jewellery and sell at various venues throughout the year. I … Continue reading

Flying trees and coco pops

It has just turned 7 o’clock. Rapunzel and myself have just woken up and we have already covered a wonderful array of topics. The boy at that party we went to last year, the one she says is her brother? I lay with a confused expression on my face for at least 10 minutes trying … Continue reading

I lost ‘me’

I had such high expectations, my whole life plan in place, dreams of a future so perfect. The trouble was that the man in my dreams, my first love, was very controlling. He was suddenly all I had in my life. He was a very subtle mover, I’m not even sure he meant to do … Continue reading