Ahar m’hearties

  The Little’un came through at 6.50am. We have had a few days off nursery as I’ve not felt up to the nursery run. She always gets up early on the days that we are not going anywhere. The days we’ve to be up and out the door early she will still be curled up … Continue reading

Cubby kit review

How many times has your child come running up to you with a crafty project that they’ve found in a magazine or seen on telly? There is an ongoing joke in our family about me, craft projects and Art Attack. My mum actually said that my life at the moment, which is filled with creative … Continue reading

Extreme baking

Picture this, we are sat around Rapunzel’s pink table in the middle of the kitchen. Cake mixture and egg shells scattered around the mixing bowl. Rapunzel has started whisking it up with the hand whisk and all is calm. Then mummy remembers the electric blender that was given to me recently in return for some … Continue reading

A future midwife?

“Mummy what is a midwife?” Rapunzel is stood in front of me with her red doctor’s kit. She has just attached, “the puffy thing,” to my wrist to check my blood pressure. “A midwife is a lady that checks if mummy and baby are ok.” I reply “You’re so good,” she tells me while taking, … Continue reading

Piecing the clues together

Rapunzel came running out of nursery today telling me that they were singing a song about a hairy haggis with 5 eyes and 5 legs. I replied with a cheery, “Oh did you?” while wrapping her up in her scarf and buttoning her in to her jacket. As we were walking down the street she … Continue reading