Cubby kit review

How many times has your child come running up to you with a crafty project that they’ve found in a magazine or seen on telly? There is an ongoing joke in our family about me, craft projects and Art Attack. My mum actually said that my life at the moment, which is filled with creative ideas and obsessions for Tre La, is like a huge dose of Art Attack. So, back to your child presenting you with this project, it needs all sorts of things that it claims can be found around the house. Can you ever find all the pieces for the project around the house? I never can and we have a craft box filled with various strange items.

I came across a business called CubbyKit on Twitter offering a themed box filled with 3 craft activities and all the items needed to make them. They offer a yearly subscription with a box arriving on your door step addressed to your child or you can visit their website whenever you like and order a box as a one off or as a gift.

We were sent a ‘space’ theme box to review and it came as a lovely surprise last week. The Littleun was all smiles when she realised that the big box that the postman had brought was for her. The last thing that came in the post for her was a good year ago and it was a polar bear from the WWF adoption kit. She probably thinks that polar bears are the normal thing to come in the post as the Cubbykits logo is a polar bear! Poor thing, it’s going to be such a shock when bills replace the polar bears.

So, we opened up the box to find some lovely tissue which came in very useful for covering up her table and kept the glue and most of the glitter in one place. It was easy to tidy up at the end as we bundled it all up in the tissue and popped it in the bin.

We did one activity on this day and kept the second and third for other days so I will write about those in another post.

Inside were the following items:
2 paper bags separating each activity
a pair of kiddy scissors
a glue tub and spread stick
a tub of silver glitter
a wee pack of pencils
a wee blue glitter glue pen
a silver gel pen
a colouring page
3 dot to dot cards
foam stickers
star stickers
thick black paper

I found the design of the leaflets and packaging to be really well done (graphic design head on) and the instructions were clearly set out. They also have interesting facts about space and the stars.

We made the constellations picture first. The Littleun drew the constellations on to 3 cards by following the dot to dots with the silver gel pen. We then unrolled the black paper and had some sticky messy fun adding the cards to the paper with the glue. The Littleun finished the blue glitter glue pen with a few extravagant squeezes so we got the silver glitter from the tub and sprinkled that on too. We like our glitter in this household! To finish it off the Littleun added a few foam space stickers.

There were lots of opportunities to talk about space, stars and numbers. It led to an interesting conversation about how many stars there are in the sky. This box was for the 3 – 4 year old age group. I had a look online and CubbyKit also offer a 5-6 year old age group. The Littleun turns 5 this year so she is in the middle of the two age groups. I think if I was to make the choice for buying a box that I may have gone for the older group’s box as the paper mache project looks a little more challenging.

The Littleun really loved the box arriving in the post and we both enjoyed the constellation activity. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about our other crafty Cubbykit activities. The next one has two rockets on it and has turned out really nice!

6 Responses to “Cubby kit review”
  1. Rose says:

    The constellation activity looks fun. And, it’s great that they send fact sheets along with their boxes.

    • myrustyhalos says:

      It was good fun, the next activity looks really good with rockets on it! And lots of glitter lol

      • Ellen says:

        Glitter scares me! Was it a lot of cleaning up?

      • myrustyhalos says:

        It wasn’t too bad, most of it was caught with the tissue laid on the table. If you keep a hold of the glitter pot and ask them to take pinches of the glitter it stops it getting spread everywhere and if you get them to lift the pic up and shake it on to the tissue you should get most of the extra glitter off before the pic gets moved anywhere.

        Glitter glue is really good if you want to avoid the mess and still use glitter. It comes in the shape of pens and in bottles with nozzles.

  2. It is always nice to get craft in the post – fills a lovely afternoon!

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