He smelled wrong

He was recovering on his days with me, he was always on a come down and my house was his place to come to be looked after. So I got all the anger and pain he was going through while coming down and then the anger and frustration as he searched for his next high. … Continue reading

Your child’s nickname

Like many bloggers I use nicknames for my children on my blog and twitter. I have seen some strange and wonderful nicknames out in the blogger world and would love to know the stories behind your choices. When I first started my blog I was using the nickname Rapunzel for my 4 year old girl … Continue reading

My difficult dozen

I feel like a teenager curled up on the couch with a teen mag quiz! I have been tagged in a few memes and answering all these questions is really taking me back to those days! The Rules are…. 1) You must post the rules 2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog … Continue reading

A Series of Firsts

The lovely lady from Snoo&Me has tagged me to join in with the Series of Firsts meme. To start off, this is my first tagged post! Excited much? First boyfriend? I vaguely remember a boy called Sam in nursery though I don’t think he really counts does he? My first boyfriend was a Greek lad … Continue reading

Extreme baking

Picture this, we are sat around Rapunzel’s pink table in the middle of the kitchen. Cake mixture and egg shells scattered around the mixing bowl. Rapunzel has started whisking it up with the hand whisk and all is calm. Then mummy remembers the electric blender that was given to me recently in return for some … Continue reading