A Series of Firsts

The lovely lady from Snoo&Me has tagged me to join in with the Series of Firsts meme.

To start off, this is my first tagged post! Excited much?

First boyfriend?
I vaguely remember a boy called Sam in nursery though I don’t think he really counts does he? My first boyfriend was a Greek lad with big brown eyes and black spikey hair. We were 13, it was my first summer living in Crete and he had come over from Athens to visit his gran for the holidays. It was a whirlwind summer romance.

First person you kissed?
I still go red thinking about this. We were around the back of the high school with one of our friends waiting for us to get it over with. He kept doing laps around the school on his bike and on his return would ask us if we were done. We ended up laughing at him that much that we had to give up on anything romantic, kissed quickly and all went off on our bikes.

First job?
I started working at the weekend cleaning in two second hand shops for pocket money. My first real job was as a photographer in wedding receptions and night clubs. My fiance had broken his leg and we had spent the whole week in hospital. In Greece the family care for the patient, I had to do everything for him which was fine though the week in hospital was awful. I hate hospitals and had to take regular walks around the hospital grounds to stop myself from strangling one of the nurses or doctors. With my fiance stuck on crutches I decided it would be a good idea to look through the paper for a job. Next day I abandoned him with his mum and escaped to this interview. I think the sudden freedom gave me the confidence and courage to get through it and I was offered the job. The hours were amazing, 7pm til 2am. The fiance hated it, I loved it!

First pay packet? What did you do with it?
I can not for the life of me remember, I think it was possibly new clothes.

First CD you remember buying?
The first tape was Pj and Duncan’s album Psyche. I planned to marry Ant McPartlin, it sadly never worked out to plan. I think my first CD was 5ive or possibly that aba dee aba dy song.

First holiday abroad?
I was 5 when we went on our first family holiday to Agios Nicolaos in Crete. I felt like Greece was a part of me from then on. It led to us moving there when I was 13, me falling in love and marrying a Greek lad called Dimitris and having our beautiful daughter.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home?
I moved out of my parents home at 16 in to a tiny wee house with my fiance.

I’m now passing this on to the following ladies to see if they’d like to join in and tell us about their firsts.

Lesley @Shackleford_LB  on her blog Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford

Rebecca @1978rebecca on her blog Here Come the Girls

@ActuallyMummy on her blog ActuallyMummy

Nikki @stressymummy on her blog StressyMummy

Karen @thedailymum on her blog The Daily Mum

7 Responses to “A Series of Firsts”
  1. Oooh you’re getting tagged! Big things await!! 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the tag! Might have to think about the first two as the hubby is a reader of my blog. Might it like it!

    Thanks for linking to blogaholics. It’s a very addictive hobby, proceed with caution.

    • myrustyhalos says:

      Hmmm maybe just add your husband in as you first true boyfriend? 🙂

      The Blogaholics support group is great idea, I think I’m already in too deep and have truly become addicted!

  3. A lovely, fun tag, thank you. Have done mine! Not sure if this link will get through. Will also leave on Twitter.
    Lesley x.

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