Extreme baking

Picture this, we are sat around Rapunzel’s pink table in the middle of the kitchen. Cake mixture and egg shells scattered around the mixing bowl. Rapunzel has started whisking it up with the hand whisk and all is calm. Then mummy remembers the electric blender that was given to me recently in return for some design work. (Baby head here happily accepts baby products in payment.)

I used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I had made a lovely traditional Greek supper which had peas and potatoes in it. We sat down to our mush (of course up until then I was calling it soupa) and began to eat. Rapunzel looked up at me after a couple of spoonfuls, I looked at Rapunzel and at the same time we pushed our bowls of mush away. Really, I should have learnt my lesson.
Only use a blender when the recipe says so, not on impulse.

It usually takes me a few goes of hitting my head up against a brick wall before I learn such lessons, so, out came the blender with its fancy whisk attachment

Did I look at the..what are they called? Oh yes,instructions, did I look at the instructions? Of course not! Don’t be silly.

I put the whisk attachment on and whoosh. It came flying off and bashed me on the finger, ouch! I then managed to get it clicked in to the whisk properly and approached Rapunzel with it.

She looked at me a little worried and said “Mummy you can do it?”
“No, no dear, don’t be scared! Mummy wouldn’t let you do it if it wasn’t safe would she?” She decided to trust her mummy and pressed the button. It worked brilliantly and Rapunzel giggled the whole minute that we electrically whisked.

Was it worth the extra time of taking out the whisk, the pain, the extra cleaning? Thank heavens she giggled or the answer would’ve been a big no. Have I learnt my lesson? Well, I’m thinking about at least looking for recipes that include blenders in the equipment list.

6 Responses to “Extreme baking”
  1. Every time I read a blog I realise that you are all far nicer mums than I am! I do my blending/egg-breaking/ polish spraying/chocolate eating on the sly because I can’t bear the fall-out when the kids take a hand. Your halo does not sound rusty to me.

  2. Agreed – never trust a child with anything more than a marshmallow 😉

  3. Great post. Yep, blending potatoes can result in the starch getting stretched and the food going from quite nice to resembling PVA glue. I discovered that when pureeing baby food and failing miserably! Thanks for linking up with the Cookery Showcase on Love All Blogs.

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