A future midwife?

“Mummy what is a midwife?”
Rapunzel is stood in front of me with her red doctor’s kit. She has just attached, “the puffy thing,” to my wrist to check my blood pressure.

“A midwife is a lady that checks if mummy and baby are ok.” I reply

“You’re so good,” she tells me while taking, “the puffy thing,” off my wrist. “Now you have some air.”

She’s checking baby’s heartbeat with the stethoscope and of course the Wee Chameleon is trying to kick the plastic pad everytime she places it on my bump.

While writing this she is now pinging a glue stick off my head. I’m not sure how that got in to the doctor’s kit. She says it’s to swing my hair out of my way.

I woke up this morning feeling awful. She brought some coffee and breakfast through to make me feel better. It really worked! I think she should be a midwife when she gets older, well I did think that until she started pinging glue sticks off my head.

Where has she been watching doctors or midwifes ping sticks off pregnant ladies heads I ask you?

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