Cackling over a keyboard

We have been without internet since we moved in to the refuge.

It has felt like the internet had been ripped away from me leaving this ragged scar that had half healed with the limited use of mobile internet and a dodgy dongle.

While at the refuge we watched films on the laptop. Due to me being ill with the pregnancy and barely able to move in the morning I also had my glass of water on the only table space in our room. Off course the inevitable happened and the water got spilled leaving me with a keyboard with a mind of its own.

Every time the keyboard, mobile or dongle played up it felt like they were poking at the sore raggedy scar.

A little dramatic, maybe.

Let me explain that anything that should be an easy, simple task to carry out is always, always complicated when I am added in to the mix.

My uncle gave me a wireless keyboard to use. I plugged it in, then went to plug the dongle in and would they fit together? No!

Every time I have set the phone line up in a new house it has been a nightmare to arrange and then for one reason or another I have had to move house and start all over again. I have faced every problem in the book when it comes to putting a phone line in and this time around it seemed to be going way too smoothly!

I am sat here pinching myself, not believing that Cbeebie games music is filling the room.

Yes, cbeebies music! I have been removed from my fancy internet connected working computer by my four year old. I am now sat here on the couch wondering if my time without internet has turned me doolally? I have taken the wireless keyboard and mouse with me and every now and again press the mute button while cackling, then moving the mouse around while she’s using the trackpad trying to get the colouring brush to go the other way. Okay I only did this a couple of times, its the cackling while clutching the working wireless keyboard close to me that is the worrying part.

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