Piecing the clues together

Rapunzel came running out of nursery today telling me that they were singing a song about a hairy haggis with 5 eyes and 5 legs. I replied with a cheery, “Oh did you?” while wrapping her up in her scarf and buttoning her in to her jacket.

As we were walking down the street she told me that she ate tatties and carrots today. I asked her if she ate it all up and she said, “Yes though the carrots were a bit yucky.” This made me wonder what they had given her as she usually likes carrots. So I asked, “Did you try any haggis?” She laughed at me saying “No, just carrot.” I prodded for more detail, “was there maybe some neeps or turnips mixed with the carrots?” She sighed at me saying, “No, just carrots mummy.”

By now we had arrived home and she was telling me about listening to Scottish music and that it was someones birthday.

“Aha!” says I. “Was his name Rabbie Burns?” She nodded, now distracted with drawing a picture of the haggis.

The clues of the nursery day had finally all come together to make some sense. Though I can not understand why she thinks a haggis is a type of monster with 5 eyes, 5 legs, oh and a long hairy nose?

6 Responses to “Piecing the clues together”
  1. claravulliamy says:

    It might because she has insight into things way beyond our usual boring grown-up understanding… personally I think she has summed up haggis beautifully!

  2. reborn says:

    reborn dolls….i like this post

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