Its the little things

I think it’s an amazing thing to be able to make a person happy simply by having their favourite jammies washed and dried for them to wear.

We were at Grandma and Granda’s house and Rapunzel was refusing to put her jumper on as it meant covering up her new tshirt. I could see a full blown tantrum coming on and thought to myself, “What can I do to talk her in to wearing this jumper?” Who would’ve thought jammies could be used as a bribe? I told her that they were at home washed and dried ready for her to put on so she better get that jumper on quick. It actually worked! The jumper was on and jacket buttoned up within minutes.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that a child can find happiness in such a simple thing as cosy jammies?

What strange things have you used to bribe your child and what strange things have you had to bribe them away from?

4 Responses to “Its the little things”
  1. Beccah says:

    I find it amazing and lovely how much children can appreciate the little things in life. My daughter came into the front room one day where my partner was finishing the tidying up and said ‘Wow, good job tidying up. Thanks, Dad!’ It really made me smile.

    She also loves it when her favourite pyjamas come out the wash so she can wear them again, same with her favourite bedcovers!

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