Beat bullying

Beatbullying is a charity that aims to help young people struggling with bullying. Among other projects they provide training to groups ranging from 5 – 25 years old giving them the opportunity to support each other through peer to peer mentoring. Professional counsellors are also available for any cases that become serious.

I would really like to spread the word about this charity across Scotland and to help fundraise to bring training here. To begin with I’ll be looking for people aged between 18 and 25 to train with me to become Senior CyberMentors and then I will introduce the Mini Mentors program to my daughter’s primary school when she starts after the summer (eeeeeeeeeeeekkk) as I would really like to be involved with the school and make sure that bullying is being dealt with.

If you are in Scotland and are aged between 18 – 25 and would like to get involved I would love to hear from you. For more info about the Senior Cybermentor role click here.

If you would like to find out more about bringing the MiniMentor program to your child’s primary school click here.

For more info on bringing the Cybermentor program to your child’s secondary school click here.

If your child is bullying or being bullied the charity offer parents’ presentations and workshops that may be of help to you. For more info click here. If your child would like to talk to someone about being bullied pass this website on to them and they will be able to register and speak with one of the trained CyberMentors.

Help spread the word about this great charity and help us beat bullying!

6 Responses to “Beat bullying”
  1. elaine stewart says:

    why restrict it to 25yrs old? older people have just as much – if not more – to offer!!!

    • myrustyhalos says:

      The Cybermentor program is aimed at peer to peer support. It is restricted as the children feel more comfortable knowing that they are speaking to somebody else that is ‘young’ rather than an ‘adult’. They have other ways of helping out if you are older than 25 such as volunteeering, fundraising and other programs such as Future you. At the moment I am concentrating on this age group as this is what I can do to help in my area. What area are you in?

      If you would like to get involved have a look on the website as I have only covered a small part of what they do.

  2. Susan Mcrae says:

    Im 26 years old and would love to help young kids thats getting bullied as i was a bullied child through school and can relate to what they are going through i am shocked that there is an age restriction on a charity volunteer as I personally have gotten over bullying and honestly think my experiences in getting bullied would make me and others like me understand and help the young victims get through the hard times! I think the person that came up with this age rule should rethink their deccision1

    • myrustyhalos says:

      The age restriction is on this particular program as it is about peer to peer suport. Here’s some info taken from the charity’s website.

      “CyberMentors is all about kids helping kids online. Young people have the ability to guide and support each other, and this programme helps to empower them to do just that.”

      “All online mentoring takes place on the CyberMentors website, which was designed by and for young people, and is moderated both by Beatbullying staff and qualified counsellors…”

      “Designed by young people for young people, the emphasis as always is on peer-to-peer support and assistance and not adults or authority figures policing the net, although strict child safety mechanisms are embedded in the process to ensure that inappropriate, bullying or predatory behaviour is safely reported.”

      As I have said to Elaine the charity has many ways of getting involved with helping to beat bullying. Please do go on to their website and have a look around. At the moment I am concentrating on this age group and my daughters age group as this is what I can do to help in my area. If you are in England there are many other voluntary positions, internships and jobs. The charity is in the process of spreading to Scotland and in time more opportunities will be available for us here. I have only recently come across the charity and it’s all new to me still so if you have any other questions or thoughts do get in touch with the charity.

      • Susan Mcrae says:

        you say that its not for adults then im sorry but i thought that 18 was an adult if you can vote then you are an adult if it was for kids to help other kids then it should be a site where kids can talk to other bully victims and share there experiences and help each other through them, not having 18-25 yr olds do it

      • myrustyhalos says:

        It is a site for other children to speak to other children, peer to peer support. The main program that is the basis of this website is the Cybermentors aged 11 – 17yrs.

        Whole schools are involved in the training, not just the children that have been bullied.

        I have only covered a short part of this charity’s work, if you have a problem with any of the ways in which the charity works please get in touch with them after taking some time looking through the website.

        My views and the views that were recently discussed from research on an adults age can be seen here

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