Shopping with my hormones

…has lead me to realise that something really needs to be done about maternity clothes on the High Street.

We went out for our last day of Christmas shopping yesterday. I had a few pressies still to buy for my family and had to find some clothes that fit. I had spent the night with a jammie top that just wouldn’t cover my belly whatever way I tugged it and my Rapunzel laughing at me in the morning saying, “Mummy no clothes are going to fit you anymore. Your tummy is soooo big!”

So off we went and did really well with the presents. When it came to the clothes, “Gwaaaarr,” is the best description! The only shop I made it to with maternity clothes was New Look. They used to have a bigger range, though it seems that pregnant women do not wear new clothes during the festive period. Their maternity range had been squished in to the smallest space they could find at the back of the shop and the festive clothes had taken over its usual space. To top it off they had absolutely nothing that appealed to me. I’m 23 years old and the clothes seemed to be for an older age group.

I am small, between a size 6-8. From the back you would think I wasn’t pregnant as the bump all sticks out to the front. I have put on a little extra around the thighs and bum. I had a few basic items in mind to buy, a couple of long vests and a couple of leggings. I have a few big jumpers that still fit, though have been so hot that I only wear the jumpers when im going out to bulk up the thin rainjacket that still fits over the bump.

I decided to have a look at the, “normal,” clothes. I picked up leggings, a few long vests and long tshirts in sizes 8 and 10. The leggings were too tight so I asked for a 12 in a knitted style. Oh the comfort I found in them! The vests and t-shirts fit in the size 10 though were too thin, they showed off everything including nipples and belly button! The others were just too short and wouldn’t look very nice with the leggings.

I tried a few other shops with, “normal,” clothes and found the same. By this time I was knackered! Last week I had done some online searching and had found that Gap had a nice looking pair of leggings and a couple of tops. It took me a while to find any trousers online that sit under the bump! I went in to Gap at the shopping centre close to my previous house, asked where their maternity range was, to be told that they don’t have one in that store. Yesterday I thought about trying this centre’s Gap store though really couldn’t face the walk to the other end of the centre to possibly be told they didn’t have maternity clothes either. Maybe I could phone and ask them first? This leads me to the following questions; how many women are pregnant right now? why should our clothes be shoved in to the tiniest space just because its the festive season? why is there not a bigger choice of sensible, nice maternity clothing in the high street to suit all age ranges? And why do they have to cost so much?

Normal t-shirts do fit, they just need to be a size up and slightly thicker material. Normal leggings do fit in styles such as the knitted ones I found. Does the price added to the clothes in the maternity range really need to be so high?

I have thought about ordering online though I’m so unsure about what size I need and would have to order at least two sizes and then go through the process of returning. Ordering online also means that postage has to be added to the already expensive clothing.

By the time we got home it was 7 o’clock! We went for a takeaway and I was stood in the Chinese shop nearly in tears. I was worried about my parents and Rapunzel being hungry, I was scared as it had turned in to such a stressful day and hadn’t felt my wee Chameleon bump, kick or wriggle all day. I was basically an emotional wreck. To top it off the Chinese gave us the wrong order and had us waiting for ever.

My last memory of yesterday was me stood in my mum’s kitchen laughing, with tears streaming down my face as she told me off for being worried about the bump as it was clear the wee Chameleon was fine, kicking about and making my tummy in to all sorts of silly shapes.

I am now seriously thinking about starting a maternity clothes line! I would love to know what you would like to see in a maternity clothes range.

2 Responses to “Shopping with my hormones”
  1. Beccah says:

    Finding maternity clothing is a nightmare! I manage to find things that I like, but the prices are way beyond my budget. I resent paying more than I would for a non-maternity top when I’m only going to wear it for 6 months. I would love to see a range of flattering, affordable maternity wear. I ended up buying some second-hand maternity stuff from Ebay and then buying some cheap non-maternity stuff that was quite long.

    • myrustyhalos says:

      Hi Beccah, thanks for commenting 🙂 I really don’t understand why they have the clothes so expensive. Like you say they’re only going to be worn for a few months, who can afford to pay such high amounts on something that isn’t going to last? I was looking at jackets and they cost around 80 pound! I don’t think I’ve even had to spend that much on a jacket that I have worn for years.

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