What a week

I sat with my daughter cuddled in to my lap promising her we would have our own house soon. No more travelling back and forth between my parents’ house and the refuge, no more chaos as new women and children moved in and out.

Soon after I found a house, “the” house. I put in all the paperwork for it then sat for over a week going crazy each day waiting to hear back if it was to be mine.

The agency phoned last Tuesday to arrange the sign up and handing over of keys for the following Tuesday and I danced around our room with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I then had to collect all our possessions from the places they had been spread out to; the refuge, my parents’ house and storage.

On Sunday we loaded up my dad’s car with half the things that I’d taken to the refuge. We also had to make a quick trip to the shopping centre for trousers as nothing fits comfortably around the bump anymore, although that is a story for another day.

On Tuesday I signed all the paperwork and got the keys. We collected our new tree and decorations from my parents’ house and spent the afternoon unloading the car and putting up the tree.

On Wednesday we loaded the car with the last of the stuff from the refuge and met the removal van at the storage and spent the rest of the day unloading again.

Doing all this with a huge pregnant bump in the snow is really not an easy thing to do! We had to add regular food and toilet stops in all the way along and getting in and out of the car was a mission in itself!

Last night was amazing, I sat with Rapunzel in her room with my mum, circled by all her toys back together. Seeing the smile on her face made every difficult moment that we have passed in the last 6 months on our road to finding a safe house worth it.

This morning all I have heard is, “mummy, mummy, mummy.” I think I have heard, “mummy,” at least a hundred times in the last half hour and even though I would quite happily change my name to Jemima,  nothing can wipe off this daft grin I have on my face as I lie here under a pile of her cuddly toys with various Barbies and PollyPockets digging in to my ribs.

We have found our castle and we are safe now!

7 Responses to “What a week”
  1. mary mackay says:

    truly lovely siobhan soo happy for you all xxxxxxxx

  2. Fantastic that you have found a house just before Christmas, what great timing.

    As you know I’ve only recently.discovered your blog so don’t know why you were in a refuge or what sort it was, but by the tone and the word “safe” used I will guess its a similar one to what my mum, my brother and I were in when I was about 4/5yrs old and will just say I understand and you must be over the moon with the new house, while.a refuge serves its purpose they really Arnt nice places to live.. I’m chuffed.for ya and wish you a very merry and safe.Christmas! X

    P.S well.done on getting a post up as agreed on Twitter Haha!

    Danny @BabyCalendars x

    • myrustyhalos says:

      When I first moved to the refuge all I could feel was relief. I then became very ill with the pregnancy and the difficulties of living in a refuge became clear. The only drivers I know are male. My dad couldn’t come any where near the house and my mums health makes buses impossible so I was pretty much stuck there alone. This house really has come along in perfect timing! I was at the point of really needing my own house. The first thing we did was put our Christmas decorations up lol

      I’m sorry you had to go through a similar situation. My daughter is 4, I was wondering if you remember a lot of that time in your life?

      How far along is your wife with the pregnancy? Its lovely how involved you are with it!

      A Merry Christmas to you too and I’m glad we came across each other on Twitter today. Xx

    • myrustyhalos says:

      Oh dear baby brain has seriously kicked in, your wife is obviously 9 weeks pregnant since that is what your post was all about doh! Xx

  3. myrustyhalos says:

    Thats good to know Danny, thanks x

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