Flying trees and coco pops

It has just turned 7 o’clock. Rapunzel and myself have just woken up and we have already covered a wonderful array of topics. The boy at that party we went to last year, the one she says is her brother? I lay with a confused expression on my face for at least 10 minutes trying to figure out who she was talking about. The result of my investigation? He was our neighbour that we had become good friends with, though he wasn’t at that party! I’m still a little baffled by that one.

We then moved on to discuss whether trees, cups and houses could fly over the moon and where they would go afterwords.

Next? Cereal. I now know that she really really really (it goes on for a while) doesn’t like coco pops and that she is not happy with me as the weetabix has finished. She then proceeded to eat 3 bowls of the dreaded coco pops.

How do children wake up so awake and bright? How are their brains able to function so well the second they have opened their eyes? I couldn’t even get my eyes fully opened. I was lying with the covers up tight around my neck, one eye open the other scrunched up tight.

I wonder what tomorrow mornings in depth conversation will be?

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