Perfectionist at four

At school I would rub at the paper on my desk until a hole appeared. Each letter, every word had to be neat. My work had to be perfect. I would sit re-drawing a line in a picture until it was just right.

One of my dads many nicknames for me is Ms Fuss as I am such a fuss pot over anything I do.

This morning, as I was eating breakfast, I could see my 4 year old Rapunzel getting frustrated with her stencil drawing. While pulling the sick bucket closer (morning breakfast and stress do not mix well at the moment) I asked her what she was getting upset over.

Then the tears started and she howled “I can’t do it, the fingers are too fat!””They’re fine” I replied
“No they’re not!!”

This toing and froing went on for a while. In the end I managed to convince her in to trying out different pens to get the fingers the shape she wanted.

She clearly had an image in her mind on how this drawing was supposed to look. The stencil was making it quite difficult for the poor thing as one of Peppa Pigs fingers was thinner than the rest. She would not accept that the stencil was the problem, she blamed herself for getting it wrong.

I have never seen a 4 year old trying so hard or getting so upset over a picture. Drawing should be fun at her age!

Although I’m a bit worried about her being a perfectionist and losing out on the playful side of drawing I can see her becoming an amazing artist if she carries on like this! I think distracting her with different materials helped show her that she can achieve different effects with the tools in her hand and made it fun again. These really are not the things I expected to be showing her so early on in her life, it’s going to be interesting to see if it’s a phase or if she is taking after me and has started her career as a perfectionist at four.

One Response to “Perfectionist at four”
  1. Jordi says:

    I was always told the same at school that I was a perfectionist. Sounds like Rapunzel may be an artist in the making 🙂 I totally agree with You about the fun side of drawing being the most important thing, I found the best way to get around My frustrations at trying to get something right was to try different things.

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