It’s my birthday and i’ll cry if I want to

The hormones have made me in to an emotional time bomb though todays tears are happy tears. I have my amazing family around me and received some really special pressies.

My 4 year old Rapunzel has done so well keeping them secret even telling an excited Grandma off for nearly spilling before the day.

The last few years have not been easy, a lot of heart ache. I recently wrote this wee passage ‘I am a wild bird. You thought you could change me. You tried to trap me inside your cage. You have taken my heart though I will stay strong and I will fly free. Let me go’ and it spookily turned out that my mum had arranged with a friend of hers, Di Sandland, to have this lovely handmade bookmark made with similar words. ‘ Take these broken wings and learn to fly again. Learn to live free. 25th October 2011’

I have been doing a lot of writing recently and I am really determined to write a little everyday whether it’s in my blog, diary or story and the presents really fit in well with this!

A gorgeous pen put together by Ceardannan Jewellery with Turned Light lampwork beads. I have done a few scribbles and it really is lovely to write with!

A journal book with the inscription ‘The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears’.

A guide to journaling for emotional health and self development called ‘Time to write to yourself‘ written by Dianne Sandland.

A pair of boot slippers and three pairs of comfy jammies perfect for all the time I am spending stuck in the house with the icky pregnancy stage.

An interchangeable Ceardannan ring and topper. These are so addictive! Every time my mum has made a bundle of beads I am first in at the toppers.

We are visiting my granny in Wick and this warm wooly teal jumper will keep Chameleon (bump) and me cosy in the crazy stormy weather.

Cowl Neck Jumper.

It’s been a lovely day so far. I opened my pressies in the morning with the help of Rapunzel ,we have been passing around the old photos and I have laughed with my best friend about ageing  together while looking like we are still just 16 years old. I am one happy lass 🙂

2 Responses to “It’s my birthday and i’ll cry if I want to”
  1. Di Sandland says:

    Well, I stuffed it up by responding in the wrong place but you can never have enough responses on your blog, can you! So, let’s hear it, one more time:

    Happy birthday, Siobhan – and may it be the first of a whole lifetime of happy birthdays! Big hugs,darling.

    Love Di

    p.s. I am so pleased you liked the bookmark – I couldn’t start breathing again till your mum had given it to you cos I was emotionally invested in it too. Lots of love and positive intent went into it and I so hope those energies pop out of it and surround you with a golden (alright silver!) glow xxxxx

  2. myrustyhalos says:

    Aw no you didn’t stuff it up, it was my stuff up posting it before it was ready!

    Thank you so much and you had no need to hold your breath as it really is perfect. I really admire your work. The energies popping out and you are right, the glow is silver! You are one special lady xxxxx

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