Is the pregnancy ‘bloom’ a myth?

Each day I speak with my mam and she asks me “are you blooming yet?” My usual response of  “no I’m not bloomin blooming” really isn’t what she’s looking for.

At the moment I am 15 weeks pregnant and the sickness has eased though I am still getting waves of feeling quite awful. I am really trying to believe the many people that say this part of the pregnancy usually passes by 16 weeks, leaving me with only one week to go!! I have also read and heard that around this time women ‘bloom’. It is described as a lovely glow, smooth complexion and shining hair. Well I would like to see the proof!

I sat grumbling at Coronation Street while watching pregnant Tracy saying she was suffering from bad sickness while she looked as lovely as before she fell pregnant. Telly really does not show what pregnancy can do to a woman!

Normally I would take a shower each morning and dab on a little make up. I have not had energy for make up dabbing for months and have to wait until afternoon to muster up the energy for a shower. I feel rather icky to put it mildy!

Well, here’s to next week when we will hit the magic 16. If you have any proof of the ‘bloom’ being real and not just a made up myth please do comment and keep my spirits up! If not, do comment and we can moan and groan together.

3 Responses to “Is the pregnancy ‘bloom’ a myth?”
  1. I am not sure I ever bloomed in my previous pregnancy and there are no signs yet in this one! However I did once have a colleague who kept commenting first time round on how radiant I looked, I would always look at him in disbelief and then look in the mirror later and think ‘nope!’. I think my hair is glossier but then it needs dyeing as well so it’s not looking it’s best….

    I am looking forward to reading more posts and I now follow you 🙂 x

  2. Rebecca says:

    I think it’s a myth – I just looked awful both times and felt awful. I found being pregnant really hard so give you every sympathy. You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself and put you’re feet up and have a grumble.
    Hope you do start to feel better and get that bloom.

    IBy the way would love it if you’d link up to my Tuesday tea and sympathy blog hop!

  3. myrustyhalos says:

    Thank you both for commenting! It’s nice to know that I am not alone in this though wish that didn’t mean youse had to feel ill aswell.

    I was really ill with my first pregnancy, pretty much stuck on the couch the whole of the 9 months and definitely never bloomed. I am a lot better this time around and really hopeful lol

    I am following you both and will have a look at your Tuesday tea and sympathy blog hop now Rebecca.


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