Strawberries and cheese

My little Rapunzel and I have spent a lot of our time cuddled up watching films over the last couple of weeks due to me not feeling very well with the little one rolling about inside me. The last film we watched sent us off to the shops to try out some new tastes.

A Disney film called Ratatouille which tells the story of a rat called Remy. He is very fussy about what he eats and loves to create new tastes by cooking. At one point he is trying to teach his brother Emile to slow down while eating and to really taste the food. He hands his brother a chunk of cheese which he swallows in one gulp without even chewing it which earns him a bop on the head from Remy and gets handed another piece to try. He then has to take a bite of the strawberry and really take the time to taste it. The last part of his lesson is to try both together.

So the next day when our shopping arrived we tried it out, one bite of cheese, chew chew chew and then a bite of strawberry mmm and now both together… Yes interesting result and my fussy little Rapunzel ate the whole plate of strawberries and cheese up with no sugar in sight!

3 Responses to “Strawberries and cheese”
  1. lionwomen says:

    i love that film a great poem 🙂

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