It’s a small world

While thinking about starting this blog I had to consider this, how personal can I get? I have a secret hidden inside me that a part of me wants to enjoy and share while the rest of me knows that the knowledge could get in to the wrong hands and cause all sorts of trouble.

Sounds mysterious and a great plot to a fictional story doesn’t it? Well my life seems to be torn right out of a book and has been going along those lines for a while now.

I recently learned a lesson in how small this world really is and how words can spread so easily when entrusted with the wrong people.

I walked away from a person and in time found myself in the arms of another thinking it was a clean slate to start with, only to find out that he used to be neighbours with my ex’s bestfriend’s fiance and had just added her as a friend on Facebook!

So in the end I decided I will be sensible and not throw this blog in to the hands of those trouble makers though I will not sit and hide myself away. I will write as it is a passion of mine and I will share my experiences with you in hope that I can be of some use to you whether it is to make you laugh or give you a little hope that whatever life hands you, you can deal with it just as I have.

One Response to “It’s a small world”
  1. lionwomen says:

    great poem filled with depth 🙂

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